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Thick Blue Smoke
Best suggestions to fit your business to present time
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Who we are for

We specialize in facilitating operations of businesses related to

information technologies,

mobile app development,

websites management and more.

Our Vision

Take you time creating a special product, while we take care of administrative part of your business.


Check the list of services we provide and find those your business dies for. We do provide many solutions.

White Earth


Legal consulting

In order to legally conduct your business, you need to know a wide range of rules and regulations. Our team of lawyers will provide you with the neccessary expertise. 

Actions related to corporate governance

We know much about conducting an international and worldwide business and cooperate with a wide range of corporate administrators. 

Rent of premises

Whether you have a big or small team, we can always find a good place for you.

Recruiting and HR

People who are working for you now define what your business will be in a year. Let us find the best ones.

Utilities, Internet, Maintenance

These all seem to be secondary, until something breaks down. We will take care of your stable work.

Meals and entertainment

Good job means good relax. If you want to arrange a business trip, a week-end abroad for your top performers, or a corporate party to celebrate your achievements, we will find those who will make it unforgettable. 

Managerial accounting

There are so many accounting rules and terms you have to remember. But leave it for our finance and accountig team - they sure know everyting. 

And even more

Besides, we can offer legal consulting, online advertising and marketing, provision of trainings, hosting and collocation, fixed assets procurement, conferences participation arrangement, PR and a lot more.

Just fill in the contact form.


"Progress is born of cooperation"

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